Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Days

As soon as Christmas is over I'm ready for Spring/Summer.  I'm just not a cold weather person!  Brandon loves snow and I completely hate it! I hate winter even more now that I have kids because it means we are stuck in the house and everyone is sick!  We've been trying to keep busy with all of our Christmas toys but some days I feel like we just need to get outside! 

Ava has been practicing walking in her high heels a lot lately!  She is going to be an expert by the time spring rolls around! 

One morning we had a little surprise snow so I spent like thirty minutes bundling them up in their snow suits and getting them ready to play in the snow.  As soon as we walked outside the boys took their mittens off, their little hands froze, and they started screaming hysterically!  Ava on the other hand, loved the snow!  She wanted to stay outside and play in it all day.  The boys refused to put their mittens on so we only lasted a little while!  Basically it took me longer to get them ready for the snow than the time they actually played in it! 

They love Ava's leopard chair and it has caused a few fights when everyone wants to sit in it at the same time! 

Love Love Love this!  These two love each other so much!  I think it has something to do with them sharing a crib for so long!  They will be snuggle buddies for life! 

Modeling his new jacket and snowsuit and wanting to take his blanket outside with him to play in the snow! 

Come on Spring!  You can't get here fast enough!

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