Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back on Baywood!

While we were in southeast Arkansas celebrating Christmas with B's family I made a trip to Monticello to visit Ann and Olivia.  B and the kids came to pick me up!  Ann lives right next door to the house I grew up in! I really wanted to knock on the front door and go inside and look around but I decided I should probably just snap some pictures outside instead! I'm sure the people that live there thought we were crazy!  

Ann was nice enough to snap a family shot! 

It's crazy that my kids were running around where I use to play as a kid! 

An old school pic of Olivia, Caroline, and I doing a little stunting in my yard on Baywood back in the day! ha 

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Emily! said...

hahaha, love your bow! That nice big flat front yard is a dream...hope to have something like that one day for the kiddos to run and play on!