Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter fun!

We have been stuck in the house a lot lately!  It's just too cold to go anywhere!  The babies try to escape every chance they get!  One day it was literally twenty degrees and I ran to the bathroom for five seconds.  When I came out the babies were missing!  I found them in the garage, naked, and Brooks was chewing on an air freshener!   I was mom of the year that day! 

After they escaped I decided I was going to have to try something new to entertain them!  We pulled all of the cushions off of the couch and they went wild!  They thought it was hilarious!  We might have to do this more often because it kept them entertained for a long time! 


We all had so much fun at Caroline's 2nd Birthday party!  All of the kids wore their Christmas pj's and watched a movie!  Such a cute idea! 

These two loved playing with Caroline's kitchen! Good thing Santa planned on bringing them one! 

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