Monday, February 18, 2013

Christmas Gifts from Nini!

We weren't able to spend Christmas with Nini because of the weather so she sent all of our gifts to town with Chris and Jennifer!  They brought them by before nap time one day! 

This little guy had so much fun opening his gifts!  He was throwing tissue paper everywhere! 

Little stinker!

Nini gave Ava her very first Barbie!  She was so excited!

The boys got a bowling set too!  Chris taught them how to bowl! 

Nini gave Ava new high heels!  Pink fur high heels for the princess!

A closeup of her new shoes!  She was feeling pretty cute in those things!

Jennifer helped Ava with her shoes! 
Thanks for all of our gifts Nini!  We love them all! Thanks for bringing them to us Chris and Jennifer! 

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