Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas Eve!

Our Christmas Eve started with a trip to the doctor for Ava! Poor baby had an ear infection!  I'm so glad we got her taken care of before the holiday! 

My babies Christmas Eve day!  We had a pretty low key Christmas Eve.  B was working all day so it was just the babies and me! 

We were expecting lots of snow so I bought the kids new snow suits for our white Christmas!  We didn't get a drop of snow:(

While the babies were napping I made lots of food for our Christmas Eve dinner!  It was all ready and no one was at my house to eat it!  B was working late, Gigi was running late, and who knows where Carol was!  

Little Knox watching A Christmas Story like a big boy!  I hope he doesn't ask Santa for a Red Rider BB Gun any time soon!  That isn't happening! 

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