Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas in Dumas!

A few weeks before Christmas we went to Dumas to celebrate Christmas with Brandon's family!  I did a terrible job of taking pictures because the first night we were there I didn't feel well and the second night Brooks was up all night screaming sooo... I was a little sleep deprived and not on top of my game! 

Every year we go to dinner at Laynes in Star City which is always soo good!  B took the kids in the toy store while I ran to Fuqua's after dinner.  Brooks found this shopping cart and was obsessed with it!  He bawled when he had to leave it!  So, B being the good dad he is, went back and bought it for Brooks!  I couldn't wait to see the look on his face Christmas morning when he realized Santa brought it to him! 

Nana and Ava!  I think right after this picture was taken Ava got sick everywhere!  I'm really hoping she outgrows that whole thing soon! 

Cami and Brooks doing a little Ring around the Rosy while we waited on our table!

Present time!  The babies had so much fun opening all of their gifts and loved them all! 

B took the babies for lots of rides on the Rhino.  They loved it! 

It was so cold!  

Brooks didn't want anyone else to touch the steering wheel while he was driving!  Especially not Brandon!  We ran off the road a few times! ha 

This little guy was in heaven! 

We had such a good time visiting family and friends!  Christmas #2 was a success!

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