Monday, February 25, 2013

Boys Night and First Basketball Game!

Several weeks ago we took the boys out on the town for a special boys only night (Plus mommy of course!)  
First, we went to dinner at Ferrell's! It doesn't get much more boyish than a sports bar on Dickson! 

Love this little boy! I could tell he felt like a big boy being out on Dickson!
Next we took the boys to their first basketball game!  They loved it!  I can't imagine not living in Fayetteville and being able to go to all of the fun sporting events! 

Family pic (Minus Ava of course! She was with Gigi)!

Couldn't take his eyes off of the court! Brooks is the ideal child to take to sporting events.  He is so content to sit still and watch the game! 

This little guy was hyper!  He was cheering, clapping, calling the Hogs, dancing with the band!  He has a good time wherever he goes! 

Like father like son!

Always ready to pose!

I couldn't even get Brooks to stop watching the game for five seconds to pose for a picture!
We had such a fun night!  I can't wait to take the boys back to another game! Thanks for the tickets Dad!  And thanks for watching the Princess Gigi!

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