Friday, February 8, 2013


One night we all went over to the Bowen's house to eat dinner, play, and decorate Christmas tree cupcakes!  We left Ava at home with Gigi!   

Friends toys are always better!

Brooks loved Baylon's bike!  He couldn't reach the pedals but I helped him and pushed him around the house! 

Hi boys!  Baylon was so excited to show the boys how he could potty in the big boy potty now!  It was pretty hilarious!  When it was time for the big event we all went in the bathroom to watch!   The boys were amazed!  Hopefully they learned a few pointers too!  

Christmas tree cake decorating!  Their little hands were stained for days from the sprinkles! 
Thanks for having us over Bowens!  It was fun! 

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