Monday, February 11, 2013

Cookie Decorating

A few nights before Christmas our friends came over to decorate Christmas cookies for Santa!  

Ava was so excited her friends were coming over to play! 

Emily brought the babies the cutest surprise balls!  You unwrap the layers of tissue and each layer has a surprise in it! They got tattoos, mustaches, candy, etc!  So fun!  They were in heaven with all of that paper! 

Ava made a bracelet out of part of the wrapping paper! 

My little Santa boy!

Ava helped Emily unwrap her Christmas gift from us!  

Group picture time!  Notice Ava's face!  She did this all night!  We took her to the doctor the next day (Christmas Eve) and she had an ear infection!  Poor baby! 

Silly boys!

Cute boys sharing! 

Hi Bennett!

Cookie decorating time! If only you could have seen my floors when they were done decorating!  Covered in sprinkles! 

Love these boys!

These silly boys thought it was hilarious to knock on the window!  

Serious decorating going on!

Aunt Caroline was nice enough to put cranky Ava to bed!  She missed out on most of the decorating!

Aunt Caroline and Brooks!


Knox didn't want to stop long enough to take a picture!  He had a lot of entertaining to do! 

Once again, no time for pictures!

I could just eat this little boy up! 

If you come to our house you have to participate in a pull up contest! ha Brooksy's turn!  

He was pretty proud of his performance! High fives all around! 
I think we ended up with three cookies The majority were eaten as soon as they were decorated..Some before!  The perfect amount for Santa! 

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Emily! said...

Love all those little babies to pieces! I can't wait for my little one to join in the fun!