Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I can't believe it's already time for baseball again!  I am so glad though because that means Spring is right around the corner! We've already been to a lot of games this season! 

Brooks is the Hogs biggest fan!  He cheers the entire game and he sits outside for the entire game.  His little hands turn red/purple because he gets so cold and then he comes in to warm up for a minute and then he is back out there!  He also calls the Hogs about twenty times a day!  It's pretty cute! 

He is obsessed with hats.  I got him this red hat for Valentines day and he doesn't take it off very often! 

Ava's there for the party.  I'm not sure she realizes a game is being played! 

I won't be surprised if he starts calling the players by name soon!  He really focuses on the game! ha 

My boys! 

Baylon came to a game with his dad.  I looked out of the window and Knox, Brooks, and Baylon were in a big group hug.  I wasn't quick enough to get a picture but I did snap a picture of the pat on the head Baylon gave them afterwards!  He calls them BrooksKnox.  He says it all together like that which is so cute!  They are a packaged deal to Baylon! ha

This little Greek boy loves gyros!  

Love this happy boy! 

I'm actually laughing out loud as I type this.. Maybe you had to have been there but I guess I'll write it anyway.  The first game Knox was running around like crazy and he opened the door to leave the box and Ribby was standing in the door way.  Knox turned around with the most terrified look on his face and took off running the other direction!  He tripped and completely face planted.  He probably should have had carpet burn all over his face.  It was hilarious though!  Just the look on his face!  Once Ribby came in the box he was fine with him and gave him a high five but I think it was just the initial shock! Too funny! 
I have a lot more pictures from the games on my big camera but I haven't gotten around to downloading them.  

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