Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gymbacks Meet #1

We have quickly become the gymbacks biggest fans!  The meets are so much fun to watch and the perfect girls night activity!  Although, I'm sure the boys would love them too! Maybe they can go next year! 

One night Leslie and I took Madeline and Ava!  We had so much fun!  We met Lyla and Caroline for pizza first and then we all went to the meet! 
Madeline was so excited about riding in my car!  

Ava was excited about getting out of the house without the boys! 

Look who we ran into?  So fun!  

Ava was pretty impressed by the gymnast!  I don't know much about gymnastics but I thought we were very good!  I kind of felt like I was watching the Olympics!  The music was good too! 

A and I made the big screen!

My little judge! 

Madeline gave our team a perfect 10! 

A little bit of the action! 

The girls!

We can't wait for next season! 

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