Monday, March 11, 2013


Makes my heart happy to see the love between these kids! 

Taking their doll wagon out for a spin.  

Happy Birthday Theresa!  We had so much fun celebrating your birthday! 

I have been on such a cleaning out kick lately!  B and I spent two days cleaning out our garage with the kids "help".  This picture is a perfect example of why our garage looks so junky.  It is filled with random things B brings home from work that he refuses to part with like this gigantic bottle of Pinnacle!  

I also cleaned out my closet and got rid of a ton of clothes!  Now I feel like I have nothing left!  It was definitely time to part with my Juicy track suit circa 2001 though! 

Purse on, ready to go! 

The boys and I went to one of Walker's basketball games to cheer him on!  Brooks's eyes were glued to the court of course!

Knox knew not to step on the court.  He walked around the edge the whole time.  Brooks, on the other hand, took off running onto the court every time I let go of him!  Wild man!  Knox always listens to instructions.  For the most part, he will do what we tell him.   Brooks, completely ignores us.  It can be a little frusterating! 

Ava decided she was interested in the potty a few weeks ago.  I felt like we spent hours in the bathroom.  Nothing ever happened.  I'm not the most patient person! It drove me crazy!  I think we are going to put off Potty training for a long time! 

Different day, same pj's, more sitting and waiting!  And nothing! 

Play time at Barnes and Noble!  We tried to go to toddler time at the library but it was closed!  We thought Barnes and Noble was the next best thing! 

My little man!  Love a baby in boots!

We left a trail of raisins all over the store.  We might not be allowed back! 

Going in for a kiss or a goldfish!  Bennett does not look happy! 

Ava looking bored at the train table.  I actually found out later that day that she had an ear infection! Poor baby! 

This is how this little guy dines.  Kicked back, feet up!  Or he stands up to eat!  Little stinker!

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