Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Basketball game fun!

B and I took the kids to a basketball game one Saturday! They had so much fun and we were able to stay for the entire game!  I think popcorn was the key! ha 

Ava and I snapped silly pictures while the boys watched the game! 
Love this girl!

Love my family! 
Jennifer made these cute shirts for the babies! 

Pictures can be deceiving...This appears to be a sweet hug between brother and sister.  It is actually a fight over the last bag of popcorn.  

I think we went through three bags of popcorn!  They love it!

Glued to the Razorbacks!  This little guy saying "Razorbacks" is probably the cutest thing I have ever heard! Any time he sees basketball on tv, it doesn't matter who is playing, he immediately starts calling the Hogs! ha

Smooch!  Knox likes to give himself kisses on my phone! 

Popcorn cheeks!

We had a race to the car!  Knoxie and I obviously won! 

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