Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Rambling cont.

I've had to take a little leave of absence from the blog.  We've been so busy!  It's getting harder and harder for me to find time to sit down and upload pictures and type!  The days of blogging while the babies played by themselves are long gone.  Now I'm constantly cleaning up messes and refereeing fights!  At night I'm usually so exhausted the most I can do is lay on the couch and watch tv.  Our world is currently very crazy but very fun! 

Here's a little glimpse into the  craziness! 

Most mornings B gets up and gets the kids out of bed.  They immediately run into our bedroom screaming.  Knox always runs over to my nightstand and hands me my glasses and my phone.  He knows I can't get out of bed without those two things! ha I then drag my sleepy butt out of bed and we all go downstairs to start our morning routine!  In the five or ten minutes they are in our room in the morning they completely wreck it!  They go wild!  They throw things in the bath tub, turn on the water, pull everything out of my drawers, spill Coco's water, it's just a mess! Once we are downstairs we change diapers and then put them in the highchairs for breakfast.  B is on a huge smoothie kick so he makes a smoothie for the babies and himself. The babies get fruit smoothies and B makes himself one with chocolate protein powder.  Ava loves his smoothies!  B always saves the last drops of his smoothie for her!  She loves it! 

The cup is bigger than her head! 

It hasn't really snowed all year.  It decides to snow the day before I'm leaving on a trip.  We were at Boingo Bounce when I got the call that my flight was canceled.  I almost shed some tears in the bouncy house!   The kids were so excited to see the snow though!  PS-Apparently I'm on a stripes kick! 

Boingo Bounce is a freaking workout!  Knox is the only one that can climb up all of the slides by himself!  So that means I have to take the other two down the slides!  Climbing up those little ladders while holding a kid is not that easy!   

Ava has serious bed head issues!  She has the thinnest finest hair!  This is what it looks like every day when she wakes up!  I've tried taming it with hairspray and that doesn't even help! 

I had a friend request on instagram and I couldn't figure out who it was!  When I saw this picture I knew it had to be a cousin!  Nini has a pretty impressive collection of magazines!  I can't believe she finally got rid of them!  It's actually pretty sad!  I remember looking at these when I was a little kid!  I also always remember giving Nini a subscription to Harpers Bazaar every year for her birthday!  No wonder she is the best dressed grandma in the world!  She gives the best gifts too! 

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