Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Rambling cont

Coco and Layla came home from the vet on leashes.  The kids thought this was hilarious!  Ava LOVED pulling them around the house!  It literally provided an hour of entertainment! 

Love this picture.  Cautious Brooks holding on for dear life and wild Knox pushing the duck.  

Love Madelines style!  Sunglasses, multiple barrettes, necklaces, too cute!  

It's always funny to me to see how my kids stick together.  I think on this day we were at the park with at least seven other kids.  So many other kids to play with and so many toys to play on and these two are sitting together playing with wood chips.  At least they are easily entertained!

Gigi has started watching the boys on Wednesday mornings so Ava and I can go do girly things!  One day we met Caroline and Lyla at Glitterbox for pedis! Her second pedi went a lot better than the first!  She was still more into the cup of goldfish they gave her then the pedicure but Oh well! 

I love this.  Caroline wanted a better view of Ava's pink glittery toes! 

Ta-Da!  Ava originally chose red (which I quickly vetoed)  but then decided to go with pink.  The lady doing her nails apparently thought she needed blue glitter so she added that on top!  

This girl has such a hard life!  Suckers, pedis with friends, and new outfits I bought her while we were there!  
After our pedicures we went to lunch at Jason's Deli were Ava proceeded to vomit all over herself, me, the floor, and the table.  Fun times.  Our girl day got cut a little short after that.  I know I say this all of the time but there is never a dull moment!  Even with just one kid!

I think the checkers at Ozark Natural Foods roll there eyes when they see what's in my cart.  I buy the healthiest junk food I can find! ha 

So excited there was actually something in the oven. They don't see that very often! They were amazed!

Her accessorizing is out of control.  It's gotten to the point where we can't leave the house without multiple necklaces and glitter shoes.  

My little Picasso!

My pictures from Mika Beth came in and I love them so much! I think this captures their little personalities so well! 

And I just can't quit staring at these.  Obsessed! 

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