Monday, March 18, 2013

Ava's First Basketball Game!

Shea and Noah invited us to a basketball game.  Since Ava had never been I thought it would be fun to take her!  Our two extra carseats came in handy! 

She loved when they turned off the lights and announced the players!  So excited! 

So excited!

I don't think poor Noah and Miller knew what to do with Ava!  They aren't use to a dramatic little girl!  She threw a fit to sit in a seat by herself which meant Miller had to get up.  I think he was so surprised by her screaming and temper trantrum he just did what she wanted him to! ha She also demanded her own bag of popcorn.  No sharing for Ava.  

Little Miss Priss getting her way. 

I think I was getting a little eye roll in this picture!

 Poor Miller is like, "Wait, what just happened here?  I lost my seat and my popcorn!" 

Noah and Ava fought the entire game over his snack cup.  Ava was in a mood to say the least....  It's funny how fast they can get over their little spats because by the end of the game they were lovingly feeding each other popcorn!  Hilarious! Poor boys! 

Lucky little girl to be sitting between these cuties! Although, they were probably scared to death of her! ha 

Thanks again for inviting us Shea and Noah!  We had fun!  Dad and Jenny, thanks for letting us use your pass too! 

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