Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida Weekend

I didn't think we were ever going to make it to Florida for Claire's wedding! It snowed, our flight got canceled, my spray tan got canceled ha but we finally made it!  I needed a vaca in a bad way!  Since our NYC trip got canceled B and I hadn't been on a trip in almost a year!  I couldn't wait to lay on the beach and sleep in!  It's funny how you can't wait to get away but as soon as you get to where you are going you miss your kids and can't wait to get home to see them!  I can't wait to go to FL this summer because we will all be in the same place together!  It probably won't be the most relaxing trip but I know it will be so much fun! 

As soon as we made it to our resort I ordered a frozen fruity drink!  The weather was perfect for a frozen drink!  Warm but not too hot! 

The second thing I did was make Brandon take a picture! ha He hates photo time!  B, we don't get away much, I don't wear makeup that often...  We need to document it!

Friday night we had cocktail hour on the beach and then the rehearsal dinner!  It was so good to see Ann and to hang out with Bethany without kids in towe!

This picture doesn't do the sunset justice.  It was so pretty!

The next day we woke up bright and early and went to the beach.  B gets antsy and has a hard time laying out so he and Adam rented a little sailboat.  They looked so funny out on their little boat together!  B loved it and has decided that will be his next purchase.  He says we have to have a sailboat for the boys..  That's his new thing lately.  If he wants something he says, "It's for the boys."  The man seriously has too many hobbies! I'm putting my foot down on the sailboat! 

I decided I didn't need sunscreen (which was a huge mistake) so by the time the wedding rolled around I was a lobster!  Thank goodness the pain didn't set in until the day after the wedding! 

The beautiful bride!  Claire looked so pretty! 

Congratulations Claire and Joe!

I wish I had taken more pictures!  I think I was too busy having fun!  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so much fun!  The band was great too!  The dance floor was full all night! 

The next day we went to the morning after brunch and told everyone goodbye and then Brandon and I layed on the beach all day.  I was under the umbrella but it was still relaxing and so nice to just sit there and read!  

Kind of hard to tell in this picture but my legs were on fire!

We went to dinner that night and then back to the hotel to watch the Oscars.  
The next day was a stressful one!  We had the absolute craziest cab driver I have ever had in my life.  He picked us up forty five minutes late in the biggest piece of junk car I have ever seen.. His car reeked like smoke (not cigarrette either).  The back seat was covered in ashes.  He told us his life story.  He called himself "Cowboy".  Cowboy is currently representing himself in a court case and we got to hear all about it.  Basically Cowboy's grandmother, who he lives with, quit making house payments and her house is in foreclosure and he is trying to get out of paying it by sueing his mother... He was so proud of the fact that he is representing himself because "He didn't even graduate from high school."  Hmm, you don't say?  He drove about 90mph to the airport to make up for being late.  He also called a girl scout on speaker phone to place his cookie order.   This girl scouts voice was blaring through the car speakers.  Apparently he is girl scout cookie connoisseur.  (Not surprised since he was pushing 350lbs)  He asked me if I knew when the girl scouts started selling cookies.  I of course said no.  He tells me the date.  It was something like April 15, 1775.  He then said, "I know that because that's my birthday."  I was born on that day but not the year."  Umm really?!  You aren't 200 years old?  I've never been so ready to get out of a car in my life!  Oh and he is a moonshiner.  We heard all about that too... 
As soon as we get out of the cab we get a phone call from the airline that our flight was canceled from Dallas to XNA.  Great!  So we got to Dallas,  rented a car, and drove back to Fayetteville in the rain.  I've never been so glad to get home!  We got home about 10pm, woke up the babies for a quick snuggle and then went to bed!  It was such a fun trip but not a fun trip home!  

We did meet two of the nicest people on our plane rides.  A lady on the way to Naples and a man on the way home.  We literally talked to them the entire three hours.  Brandon and the old lady were hugging by the time we got off the plane!  Pretty funny.  

Gigi was nice enough to keep the babies while we were gone!  She said Knox kept asking where I was and she told him, "Mommy's in Naples." He said, "I want to go!"  Oh I love that boy!  He is such a sweetie and such a mommy's boy! 

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Emily! said...

The story about the cab driver is classic...of course you had such an entertaining trip! Might make the memories of the 4 of us in a teeny tiny sentra (??) with all our Florida luggage and golf bags seem a tad better. I need a beach trip!!