Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Rambling

I never cook anymore.  Like ever.  Every once in a while I get on a cooking kick and I make a million things, wear myself out,  and don't do it again for months.  That happened on Super Bowl Sunday. B wanted to host a party and I said no way.  I told him if we waited it out someone else would offer to host one! ha I was right!  I think we were invited to three different Super Bowl Parties!  I made a ton of stuff and haven't cooked since.. This picture is the main reason I don't cook more often.  I hate doing the dishes!  

B took the kids to one party while I attended another.  When I came back to get them Ava's face looked like this.  Apparently she ate 25 cookies for dinner.  Superbowl Sunday is her new favorite holiday. 

Some days we like to make surprise visits to daddy at the liquor store! Three almost two year olds running wild in a building full of breakable glass bottles is always a great idea right?  

The boys love rides in the mini shopping carts!  I can't believe we use to put all three of them in one cart!  What happened to my babies?!

Knox has one speed.  It's a run.  He runs wherever he goes! He looks like a little track star in this picture!  I think he was testing out his speed in his new tennis shoes!

Wonder what the guy in the drive through thought about the toddler selling him his whiskey?

While Knox was selling booze Ava and Brooks were busy hauling boxes around the store! 

B and I went to Paint the Town Red with our friends a few weeks ago. We had such a good time!  Maybe a little too much fun! We planned to have a pretty low key night but it ended with us making our cab driver take us to Taco Bell!  Yikes!  We were quickly reminded of our ages the next morning. 

I'm rich.  After two years of blogging I got a check in the mail for $100 dollars.  Brandon said, "Wow, you got paid about twenty five cents an hour."  Umm, try two cents an hour....Thankfully blogging isn't a career!  Just a way to document my kids lives! I thought I would use this money for something really special like a massage or a new background for my blog.  Instead I think I blew the money at Target! Oh well! 

This little angel went through a rough patch a few weeks ago and woke up in the middle of the night several nights in a row.  I'm not sure if it was teething or if he just figured out he could sleep with me if he cried.  Either way, I loved it.  He is such a snugly kid!  I'll admit I didn't get the best night of sleep but I did love snuggling him! 

Maybe the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  These three love each other so much!  They give each other kisses every night. 

Melt my heart....

Ava and I went to Lyla's house for a little play date a few weeks ago.  The girls had a little tea party and since the real Caroline couldn't come they included Caroline the doll at their party.  Ava even shared her food with her!  So funny!

Two little princesses!

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