Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Birthday Party Day!

We love a good Birthday party!  We started our day at Annabelle's party and the Shaky Bugs were there.  Ava was breaking it downnn!!!! 

It was a cookies and milk party so the kids were pretty much in heaven!  Thanks for having us Annabelle!  We had a blast!

Next, we met Leslie and Madeline for lunch before Princess Day!  
This girl loves a selfie!

Princess day was cute!  Ava got to get her nails done..

She had her makeup done too!

Someone was feeling cute!

She even got to decorate her own crown!

All of the princesses were there too! 

Tinkerbell and Snow White!

A beauty queen was there too!  

I'm not sure who this princess was..  But she was pink and that is all Ava cared about! 

This was such a fun event for such a good cause! We will definitely be back next year!

After princess day we met back up with the boys to go to our next party at Chuck E Cheese!  We couldn't wait to celebrate Bennett and Oliver's birthdays! 

Just calling her buddies!

The choo choo is his favorite!

Love this little cutie and he loves Chuck E Cheese! 

Ava is always ready to lend a helping hand!

We had such a fun but busy Saturday!  That is becoming the norm around here!  The days of sleeping in and laying around all day are long gone!  

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