Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Knox is obsessed with dad and Jenny's chickens!  He loves to collect their eggs and feed them!  I think chickens might be his favorite animal! 

Just hanging out at Bob and Jenny's reading books and watching You Tube videos! 

Can you see the dirt on her mouth?! She has been eating dirt...  Like chewing it and swallowing it.. The doctor tested her for an iron deficiency but that was normal so apparently she just likes the taste! I think she just knows I don't want her to do it!  What a little mess!

Ava got a new Sophia bike from Gigi!  It was supposed to be for her birthday but she got it a little early!  It plays music and talks!  She loves it! 

Ava and I went to Little Rock one Saturday for a baby shower for Erica!  We had so much fun visiting with friends and celebrating baby Kennedy! 
Making herself right at home in Londyn's pink nursery!  She has started giving me the duck face when she poses for pictures!  How do I stop that?!  Oh and she insisted on wearing slippers to the shower... 

Posing with Aunt Lauren!  They were dressed like twinkles!  It was pretty funny! Lauren just needed some Hello Kitty slippers like A! 

The hostesses with the mommy to be! 

The cupcakes were Ava's favorite part of the shower! ha 

Just calling up her friends on the way to lunch! 

Boingo  Bounce fun! 

An old motel is being torn down and the tractors have been hard at work!  One day we parked the car and watched the tractors for a while!  Brooks was in heaven! 

Miller's a big brother and we went to celebrate him at the bowling alley!  These guys love to bowl! 

Ava and I went to dance first so she was in her dance gear! 


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