Thursday, April 17, 2014


This never happens.  Ever!  I loved every second of it though!  He slept like this for an hour! 

Brooksy and I had a little dinner/shopping date one night.  The other two were sick and Brooks and I were going crazy in the house and had to get out!  We found lots of goodies at TJ!  We had lots of fun  together too! 

Our first trip to Target together... Ever.  They have probably all been individually but never all together.  I LOVE these carts!  I wish all stores had them!  Although, nothing is ever as easy as it seems... I bought popcorn and drinks to keep them occupied and I started shopping.  I filled my cart and when it was about as full as it could get Ava announced she had to poop.  So, I tried to fit the cart in the bathroom.  It wouldn't fit.  I knew I couldn't take the boys out of the cart or they would be rolling around on the public bathroom floor... So, I looked over and saw a boy that works at the liquor store walking out of the store and I yelled for him.  He was nice enough to stand by my cart with the boys in it while I took A to the bathroom.  Thank goodness!  We came out and he left and about two minutes later Ava says she had to poop again... We were getting over the stomach virus so I knew she was telling the truth.  I ran into a college girl I know from Monticello and asked her if she could watch the boys while I took A back to the bathroom!  Thank goodness I always run into people I know at Target!  We hurried and checked out after the second bathroom trip! ha  I will definitely attempt Target again soon though!   

Oh and they kept screaming they wanted to go to the movies when we were at Target.  They meant they wanted me to wheel them over to the tv's! ha 

She dresses herself these days.  I've lost all control.  She has also quit wearing bows..  

Modeling some of her new purchases from Target! 

We are ready for summer around here!  Knox insisted on wearing his new swim trunks and his cowboy hat while he rode his bike! 

B took the boys to see the Lego movie one day and Ava and I got to have a girls day!  We went shopping of course!  She picked out a bag full of princess accessories!  It wasn't a backpack but Ava can turn anything into a backpack! 

I had to watch her because she added new accessories at every store we went to! 

She insisted on wearing her new shoes and crown to Target.  

Princess Ava

Go Hogs Go! 

Just hanging out with their cousins watching a little baseball! 

Oh Ava!  You are such a little mess! 

I mean, is he not the cutest?! 

Knox usually spends most of the game in the hallway practicing.  He takes his baseball very seriously!  He has a pretty good arm for such a mini though! 

We all have to take turns being his catcher!  

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