Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brooks Henry Elliott You are Three!

Weight-28.6 12th Percentile
Height-38 inches 60th percentile
BMI-Below 5th

Eat-Sometimes you eat and sometimes you don't.  If you eat well for one meal you probably won't eat again for the rest of the day which is probably why you are so skinny!  Your favorite foods are pancakes, strawberries, chicken, french fries, yogurt, gold fish, tacos, cereal, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and anything sweet!  You still love milk.  I have to limit your milk or you will drink too much, get full, and not eat at all!  You love snacks too!  You always want a snack! ha

Sleep-You are definitely a creature of habit..  You sleep in the same exact spot every night and you call it your "Stinky Spot."  It is the top right corner of your crib and it is stinky!  You drool when you sleep so it makes the spot stinky! ha I don't think you move an inch once I put you in bed!  You curl up with your little knees to your chest, turn your head to the right and put your thumb in your mouth and you are out!  You stay in that position for twelve hours and your hair is a mess on one side when you finally wake up!ha  You cannot sleep in a bed.  You never have.  I'm not sure what is going to happen when we try to put you in a big boy bed!  We have to take your pack in play everywhere we go so you can sleep!  You use to require the least amount of sleep out of the three but lately you have been napping much better than the other two.  You can climb out of your crib but I think I have scared you into staying in it.  You love story time at night before we go to bed and you rarely let me skip!  You still love Chick a Boom Boom and Little Blue Truck (Both books) the best.  You never sleep in the car.  Ever....  That can be a little annoying! You wake up happy no matter what Brooksie!

Tricks-You are the smartest little boy! You know all your shapes, colors, your A, B, C's, lots of songs,  You can count to 20 (sometimes), and you question everything! You love building things with legos.  You make tractors and cars with them! You love to read books and have memorized all of your favorites!  You talk non-stop!  You also have a memory that is insane!  You don't forget anything!  You like to go to church and talk about the bible a lot!  Your Sunday school teacher told me you always want to sit on the front row.  You love to ride your balance bike and you have gotten really good at it!  You love to dig in the dirt too!  You take your "work" very seriously!  You are the smartest little boy Brooksie and we love you!

Bath-You love taking a bath and you love fighting over who has to get out first!  You always start yelling it's "A A's turn" "Knoxie's Turn"  I have to rotate who I take out first every night!  You love to swim in the tub and play with the little boats!

Clothes-You are my skinny mini!  I have the hardest time finding clothes that will fit you because you are so tall and so skinny!  Your little waist is tiny!  I tried a pair of 3-6 month shorts on you a few months ago and they fit!  In shirts you wear a 2 or 3t and in pants you wear a 18-24 month skinny jean! ha In shorts I buy you 12 or 18 month!  In shoes you are a 9.  You aren't very opinionated about what you wear!  I can still dress you in whatever I want and you are happy! You of course like tractor shirts and things like that! Oh and you love your deer camp clothes which are basically anything in camo!

Looks-Brooksy I don't know who you look like!  You have the prettiest curly red hair, big blue eyes like your daddy and the cutest little freckles on your nose! You are so tall and skinny too!  Some people think you look like Gigi with your daddy's coloring.  I'm not sure who you look like but  you are the cutest little thing I have ever seen! You have very long fingers and toes too!

Teeth-You have all of the teeth you are supposed to have! You never had any problems teething! I never knew if you had a new tooth unless I stuck my finger in your mouth!  You still suck your thumb when you are sleeping.  That is the only time you ever do it though!  You are definitely going to need braces!  Every dentist that sees your mouth tells me to start saving my money for braces now!  That's no big surprises since your dad and I both had braces twice!

Brooksy, you are the sweetest little guy!  Lately you have been saying "please" constantly and I've such a hard time telling you no to anything! ha You are so smart and you ask tons of questions and talk our ears off!  You love your daddy and you are such a boy.  Your teacher told me you talk about the deer camp every day all day!  You still love tractors and four-wheelers and digging in the dirt!  Anything outside! You could play in the backyard for hours!  Every day you ask if you can go to the park and to Chuck E Cheese.  You love hanging out with your friends too!  You always ask to go to their houses!  You basically just like to be on the move!  You always want to go "Bye Bye!"  You love school and your teachers seem to really like you!  You have a girlfriend.  Anna Spears!  You are so in love with her!  Your teachers tell me you hold hands and play together every day!  That really stresses your daddy out!  He says you have the rest of your life to worry about girls! ha You love your brother and your sister and you tell on them sometimes!  You definitely aren't as mischievous as they are but you do have a temper and don't put up with much!  You have had some issues with hitting and biting.  It breaks your heart when you have to go to time out but lately you have ended up there a lot. Your little cry breaks my heart.  You don't cry as often as the other two so when you do it's sad! You are still aren't potty trained and you don't show much interest in it.  You always tell me when you have gone to the bathroom and that I need to change your diaper!  You are going to have to start getting use to big boy underwear soon! I think it's time!  You love to read books and your favorites are both Little Blue Truck Books and Chicka a Boom Boom.  You love to watch Mickey Mouse, Super Why, and Fresh Beat Band.  Your favorite movies are Frozen, Little Mermaid, The Sandlot, and the Wizard of Woz (as you call it).  You are such a sweet smart boy Brooks!  We love you so much and you put a smile on our faces every single day! 

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