Monday, April 14, 2014


I never have time to blog anymore because my kids never sleep.  Ever.  They are reverting back to infancy...I've also gotten really bad about just posting pictures without much commentary!  I need to be better about recording the funny things they say and the things that are happening in our lives right now!  Here is a little glimpse into our lives these days!

1. Brooks talks non-stop.  All day everyday.  He literally never shuts his mouth.  I love to hear all of the crazy things he says!  He never forgets anything either which makes our conversations very interesting.
2.Ava refuses to sleep in her crib.  For a few weeks she slept in a sleeping bag on the floor in the boys room between their beds.  Now she sleeps on her crib mattress on the floor, in the boys room between their beds....  Nap time is non-existent these days.
3.Knox climbs in and out of his bed approximately 243 times a day.  Have I mentioned they don't sleep anymore???
4. Knox started speech therapy twice a week.  I think it's going to be a slow process and I'm glad we got started now!  He loves his speech therapist and can't wait to go every week!  
5. Brooks is in love with Anna and they have a full on relationship going on.  Apparently they hold hands at school... B says he has the rest of his life to worry about woman and he just needs to have fun.... Oh B!
6.I haven't cooked a meal in about 5 weeks....
7. Their birthday party is this weekend and I have 700 Easter Eggs to stuff but I'm blogging instead.  Priorities people!
8. The boys are still in diapers.  They are basically three.  Oh well... I'm waiting on Ava to potty train them.
9. I didn't sign my kids up for summer school, Lally is going to be gone all summer and I have no babysitters lined up.  Oh, and they never sleep anymore.... I've lost my mind!  Or, I'm about to lose my mind.  
10.B called me today and suggested that I start watching kids at our house since I'm home all day with our kids anyway.  He said I could make some extra money....I hung up on him. 
11.  Brooks and Ava have started biting.  
12. The boys are playing soccer again and really like it this year.  Although they have only been to one game since we have been out of town so much lately.
13.  I didn't sign Ava up for soccer but she has no clue.  She thinks she is on the team and I think the coaches think she is on the team.  
14.I read a book a few weeks ago.  This is a major accomplishment and definitely worth mentioning.  I stayed up until 4am and read the whole thing in one night.  I was a zombie for the rest of the week.
15.  The kids Sunday school teacher at church told me my kids are so well behaved in Sunday school and always want to sit on the front row during group time.  That made this mama happy! 
16.  I'm pretty sure we have something on the calendar every weekend for the rest of the year.  
17.Enough procrastinating! Time for laundry! 

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