Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Baseball fun with our friends! We love Ribby!

Ribby loves us too! 

Calling the Hogs with our buddies!

Look at these cuties! 

We are loving the warmer weather!  We can finally hit the road and get our bikes out of the dining room! ha The boys are super fast! 

Ava... Not so much!  B joked that she needs an electric scooter to sit on!  He was a good daddy and pushed her around the neighborhood! 

Love snuggling with these little cuties in our pi's!  We love lazy Sundays around here!

Fun at the park with our buddies!  Miller's mommy brought bubbles for everyone!  

My kids were in heaven!  We love bubbles!

Gigi and I went on a little road trip to Dallas to do some shopping and go to Market! It was a fun trip!  The babies got lots of cute clothes and we ate lots of good food and had lots of good drinks!  

One of my friends from high school works for my moms decorator so it was fun to see him too! 

Thanks for the fun trip Gigi! 

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