Friday, April 25, 2014

Knox Andrew Elliott You are Three!

Weight-30.2 33rd Percentile
Height- 37.5 53rd Percentile
BMI-20th Percentile

Eat-Sometimes you eat and sometimes you don't.  There are times when I don't think you eat a thing for days!  You like your smoothies in the morning and you wake up early to help your dad make them.  You get all of the ingredients out of the pantry for him which I think is so cute! You are usually too busy to sit down and eat.  As soon as I put you in your high chair you are ready to get down.  You love blueberries and almost all fruit really.  You love ham, turkey,  and chicken.  You love yogurt, applesauce, and ice cream too!  Goldfish, chips, french fries of course, and you like crackers and you call them cookies...  Your favorite food is eggs.  You could eat them every day for every meal!  You mainly drink water but occasionally ask for milk and you get a Sprite on special occasions! You love snacks!  I think you would rather snack than eat a meal! 

Sleep-You can fall asleep anywhere!  You are my only child that sleeps in the car.  Sleeping through the night is a different story though.  For the past several weeks you have been waking up several times throughout the night screaming!  You usually just want a drink and for me to tuck you back in.  you immediately go back to sleep!  It's so strange and it is driving me insane! You end up in our bed a few nights a week and you push me off the bed so I get zero sleep!  I feel like you didn't wake up this often when you were a newborn!  If you don't nap you definitely wake up throughout the night but if you do nap you will usually sleep through the night.  It's really so strange!   I hope we get it figured out soon because I need you to nap and sleep through the night for my sanity!  You need sleep too!  you can be a little cranky without 14 hours a day of good sleep! 

Tricks-You are so active and so athletic.  You have been riding your balance bike so fast for several months now.  You can also throw baseballs pretty far for such a little guy! You hop in and out of your crib a million times a day like it's no big deal! Sometimes you know your colors and sometimes you don't... It's almost like you can't slow down long enough to think of the answer you just yell something out! ha You are obsessed with animals (especially monkeys) and you know all of your animals and the sounds they make.  You are potty trained completely at school but at home...That is a different story. You will potty on the potty on demand you just aren't consistent with it!  I think you are going to have a hard time stopping what you are doing to go!  You love to play outside and stay busy at all times.  You change clothes a million times a day.  Lately you always want to wear your baseball pants.   You are obsessed with chickens and eggs.  You talk about them all of the time.  You like to eat eggs too!   

Bath-You love bath time and you get wild in the tub!  You splash water everywhere!  It drives me crazy!  You are so silly!  You love to dump water on your sister and brothers head!  Getting you out of the tub is always an adventure too! You love to run away while I'm trying to get you dressed!  

Clothes-You are my chunky monkey although you really aren't that chunky.  You are just bigger than your sister and especially your brother!  In shirts I buy you a 3t and in pants and shorts usually a 2t.  You can still wear some 18-24 month shorts though.  You have huge feet for your little body.  I have been buying you tens!  

Looks-You still look a lot like me but occasionally I see a hint of your dad.  I think you have his mouth!  You have the prettiest thick hair and the longest eyelashes!  

Teeth-You have all your teeth!  You are still a thumb sucker so braces will definitely be in your future! You had a few rough nights when you were teething.  You seemed to be the only one that had any problems.  You would just wake up crying and then I would have to tuck you back in!  Other than that your teeth look great!  You love to brush them with your electric superhero tooth brush! 

Knoxie, you are our little angel baby!  You are the sweetest most thoughtful little guy.  You always think of other people and love to share with your sister and brother.  I can always count on you to try to cheer the other two up if they are sad.  You are my biggest helper too!  You love to help me with laundry and dishes!  You also throw one heck of a temper tantrum.  You are really the only one that throws them (thank goodness).  If you don't get your way you throw your self on the floor and scream and cry.  Or sometimes you will just go limp and fall to the ground so I have to pick you up or drag you.  That's what you do when we are in public.  It's always really fun! ha I guess you are just passionate!  You are completely obsessed with baseball.  You talk about it and play it all day long.  You always have your baseball cap  and glove on and you sleep with two baseballs in your bed.   As soon as your dad gets homes from work you make him go outside to play with you.  You are so busy and always on the move.  You love playing outside!  I think you might have a little touch of ADD.  You can't sit still very well at all!  You have a hard time making through a tv show!  Your favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Fresh Beat Band.  Your favorite movie is Sandlot!  Your favorite books are Chicka Boom Boom and your baseball books!  Your favorite baseball book got ruined yesterday because you left it in the rain because you wanted to take it outside with you while you played!  You love going to school and playing with your friends!  You run constantly.  You rarely walk anywhere!  You don't talk very much but since you have started therapy you have been talking more and more and we are starting to understand more of what you are saying!  You still love your shoes and always have a different pair on! You and Ava are always getting into trouble together!  Especially when you are supposed to be napping!  You love your brother and sister so much!  You are all very concerned when you aren't all together!  We love you so much baby Knox!  You keep us laughing and on our toes!

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