Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break in Hot Springs

Since we didn't have any big spring break plans we decided to take the kids to Hot Springs for the weekend!  We were going to meet Bob and Jenny there and go to the races! 

This girl was ready for a vaca!  I think she maybe thought she was going to the beach! ha

As soon as we got into town we decided to find a go kart track!  The first one we went to was closed but we found another that was open!  We all had to take turns riding so Knoxie went first and we watched!  How cute are these two?  These sweet moments are few and far between! 

She was so excited for her turn!  A and I had to go last so we had a while to wait! 

B and Knox went super fast!  ha Knox loved it! 

Brooks loved it too!  Ava loved it for the first few laps and then we got a little scared!  There were several teenage boys racing when we were on the track and they were going really fast and had several wrecks!  

After the go karts we met Porter and Hudson for dinner!  The kids had so much fun playing and feeding the ducks!  
How cute are these two?  Ava loves Hudson!  She talks about him constantly! 

Little cuties!

Ava is always willing to lend a helping hand!  She is such a little mommy! 

My baby! 

They might as well have been at Disney World!  They were so excited! 

I love these three so much! 

We stayed at Aunt Lauren's condo and Ava kept calling it a castle!  She loved the castle!  She also loved that her friends were staying there too! It was one big slumber party!  These cuties climbed in bed together to watch cartoons before bed!

My babies are getting so big!  Ava and Knox slept in sleeping bags on the floor in the guest room and Brooks slept in his pack and play!  Brooksy has to have a crib! Or crib like bed! 

Bethany was bathing her boys and my three stripped down and jumped right in! 

Look at these cuties ready for the races!  They were so excited! 

We stopped to have breakfast before we headed to the track! 

We were so excited to see the horsies!

This guy was so excited!

Love him! 

 Hanging out with Bob! 

Showing off their tickets!

My boys!

Hanging out with Bob and Jenny waiting to get our picture made!  We completely photobombed a picture!  I wonder what the owners thought when they saw the pic! ha We got to have our picture made again when Lauren's father in law's horse won! 

My baby! 

I think Knox had the best view in the house!

Watching the ponies run! 

Just hanging out in the winners circle! This little guy got to have his picture made twice! 

Winner winner chicken dinner!  Does he not look 21?!

Thank goodness for iPads!  When they got distracted between races they would watch a show or two! 

Brooksy is showing off the first piece of gum he has ever had!  I can't believe he didn't swallow it!  He is obsessed with gum now! ha  I'll have to write this date in his baby book! ha 

My tired girl!  The horse races are hard work!  I think Adam needs a baby girl! 
We had such a fun day at the races!  It was definitely a different experience with kids but it was still fun!  I can't wait to go back next year!  The kids are still talking about the races! 

These babies were sleepy!  Two days with no naps and a long day at the races wore them out!  

Sunday morning we slept in and then went to breakfast!  After breakfast we went to the alligator farm!  I went here when I was their age!  I can't believe it's still open!  The kids had so much fun looking at all of the animals! 

They even got to touch a real live alligator!  We also learned lots of alligator facts! 

I love Knoxie's face in this picture!  My brave boy was holding an alligator! 

Brave boys! 

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