Wednesday, April 30, 2014


These two are about as boy as you can get! They spend so much time in their John Deere gator!  They take their tools outside to work on it a lot too! ha 

Just calling the Hogs!

A few weeks ago we went to Fort Smith so Mika Beth could take the babies pictures!  She needed to borrow them for an ad for back drops!  As soon as we pulled up at her house Ava started saying her ear hurt and she immediately started crying.  She had fever and was so fussy! Perfect timing A!  She basically cried the entire time we were there!  
I have no idea how Mika Beth got this shot!  She is literally a miracle worker!  I love this picture! 

My little princess! 

Look at my boys?!  They were so happy and did such a good job posing!  

Being a model is hard work... Ha  Oh and Leigh checked A's ear when we got home that night and she said she had a terrible ear infection!  Poor baby!

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