Monday, September 8, 2014

Easter Festivities

The trips birthday week was so busy this year!  We had activities every day! 

Easter party and egg hunt at school!  The kids were so excited! 

After school we met our friends for sweet treats at Rick's!  The kids loved picking out their own treat and watching the ladies decorate cakes! 

They loved looking at all of the fancy cakes! I think A, B, and K are more excited about their birthday cakes then anything! That's all they talk about! 

After Rick's we stopped at the mall to have our picture made with the Easter Bunny! The line was so long so we had to ride the merry go round to pass the time! 

Our official Easter Bunny picture!  Not the best, not the worst! ha 

We spent our weekend at the ballpark! 

We love Ribby! 

Selfies with my baby! 

The boys calling the Hogs!

Saturday we met Bob and Jenny at the club for the Easter festivities!

The Easter bunny was there!

They couldn't wait to hunt eggs! 

Jenny and A!

All of our buddies were there!

Getting a little pre-hunt pep talk! 

Love this cutie!

And they are off!  

There were pony rides too!  The kids were in heaven! 

Time for a golf cart ride!  That might have been their favorite part of the day! ha I might have some little golfers on my hands! 

We made a quick stop by the Nabholz to see the turkey Nick killed at the land! Poor Knoxie thought the turkey was sleeping! ha 

We spent the night at the ballpark again! I don't know what we are going to do when the season is over!  The kids have so much fun at the games! 

I love this blue eyed little boy! 

Nothing is cuter than little tiny's cheering for the Razorbacks! 

Brooksie giving his sister a squeeze!

My cheerleader! 

Easter Sunday!  This is the only family picture we got!  Next year I am going to have to try harder to get a better pic!

After church we celebrated Easter with our family at the baseball game! We had a great day! 

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