Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Say What?

One of the best things about staying home with my kids is that I get to hear every funny thing that comes out of their mouths.  There are lots of funny things...  I try to write down the funniest things in my phone so I will never forget them!  Some of these things might not be funny to you so feel free to skip over this post! 
Oh and the reason most of these quotes are from Brooks' is because the kid never shuts his mouth!  He literally talks all day every day!

-I wouldn't let Ava write all over my planner so she said, "Share mom!  You're not being very nice.  You need a time out!"
-I told Brooks he needed to show Gigi his new haircut and he said, "Wait, where's my new haircut?"  Umm on your head silly!
-Any time I ask them to do something this is the response I get, "3 minutes mom!"  Not two, not one, always three minutes....
-Ava has had a "Frog in her throat" all summer... That's her go-to ailment if she wants to be sick.  I have no clue where she got that.  I've never said that...
-I was eating pecans and Brooks said, "Put the lid on that!  You need to stop eating junk!'
-Out of the blue Brooks said, "My daddy gives me beer!"  If DHS doesn't knock on our door this year it will be a miracle...
-Knox was mumbling about something and Brooks looked at him and said, "What are you even talking about?"
-Coco had a hurt tail and Brooks said, "Who broke he tail?"  "We need to call Super Why and he can call the super readers to fix Coco's tail."
-We had the kids friends over to swim and Brooks gave me a very specific guest list.  He named all of his friends and then he said, "And invite Adam"  Thats Porter and Hudson's daddy.
-Ava can be very dramatic!  She is always telling us someone hurt her.  Usually she groups Brooks and Knox together.  One day she said, "Brooksie hurt me!  Knoxie hurt me!"  She couldn't find a mark so she found a freckle to point to!  That was her battle scar!
-Brooks said, "I have a big ole' tractor!"
-Ava walks in our room every morning bright and early and says, "The suns awake!  Time to get up!"
-Brooks is obsessed with Santa and always wants to talk about what Santa is going to bring him and when he is coming to our house!
-As soon as we pulled in the driveway from the beach Brooks said, "Hey!  Where my friends!" These kids expect a party all of the time! There whole life is a party!
-I always say, "Brooks, don't do that!  You don't want to get in trouble."  He always responds, "I am trouble!"  Where does he learn this stuff?!
-One day Brooks was throwing a fit and Brandon said, "Brooks, I don't play that" and Knox said, "Yeah, we don't play that!"
-Brooks, "Ooh look at those girls!"
-Brooks walked in covered in chocolate that B had given him of course and I said, "What happened to us not eating junk anymore" and he said, "Yeah, I like junk!"
-Every day Brooks wants to go to "Hobby Wobby" That's what he calls Target.  That's our special place to go when the other two are at speech.
-Ava was decked out for a Fourth of July parade and Brooks saw her and said, "Hey!  You look good!"
-Brooks was eating a Popsicle and it was dripping everywhere so he said, "Hey take this" and I said, "Just eat it Brooks" and he said, "I would prefer it if you would put it in the grass." Umm what?  You would prefer it?
-Ava has started saying "That you mom" or "Where's you mom?" Instead of Gigi.  I think she is proud that she finally figured out that Gigi is my mom.
-Brooks has his three songs. Apparently no one else is allowed to sing them.  One day Ava tried to sing one of them and he yelled, "Hey Stop!  You have Let it Go!" ha  That's A's song! ha
-There is a new radio dj called Bobby Bones that they have been advertising lately and out of the blue one day Brooks said, "Hey!  It's the Bobby Bones show! Bobby Bones talking in my car!"  The kid seriously does not miss a thing.
-Brooks said, "Mom, Nick can play baseball like Benny the Jett." ha
-I asked Ava something one day and she put her finger on her chin and said, "Hmm, let me think about that for a second.."
-Knox always says, "Okay mom, okay."  I'm already mom.
-Brooks-"My dad said no girls allowed at the deer camp!"
- I love how Ava says "BrooksieKnoxie" like it's one big word.
-This is the summer of poop.  The boys talk about it constantly and call each other "Poo Poo breath" all of the time.  It drives me crazy.
-Ava picked her nose and I said, "Hey!  Stop that right now!" and she said, "Stop mom!  Bob does it."
-I asked Knox why he slept in our bed every night and he said, "Mom, because I want to!" 
-Ava said, "You have to hold me because I'm little and I'll get hit by a car"
-Ava held Knox's chin and said, "Listen to me Knox!  You be nice!"
-Brooks was up at 4am wandering around our house and turning on all the lights and when I asked him what he was doing he said, "I heard the ice cream man!  You hear him?"
-Knox pooped in the country club pool and everyone had to evacuate the pool (More on that later) Ava said, "Mom, I'm so embarrassed!" 

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