Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kid Quotes Cont...

-Brooks was asking the other two what they were going to be for Halloween while we were riding in the car one day.  He said, "Knox, what are you going to be?" Knox said, "Hulk", Brooks said, "Ava, what are you going to be?" A said, Abbey (She's our 10 year old neighbor A is obsessed with), and when no one asked him what he was going to be he said to himself, "Brooksie, what are you going to be?" and then he said "Fider Man!" ha Love that boy!
-When I ask Ava to do something she says, "Almost" That means she won't do it now but she's almost ready to do it!
-Ava told her speech therapist, "My daddy not nice"  "My mommy not nice either.  Knoxie and Brooksie aren't even nice."  "My Gigi's is nice though" When she asked Ava why we weren't nice (Probably as she was filling out the abuse report)  Ava said, "Well they don't say please.."  She is such a little mess!  What's funny is her therapist gets on to her for not saying please enough! ha
-Brooks was potting and he said, "I need privacy"
- I had my hair down and Brooks said, "Hey mom!  Get your ponytail on!" I asked him why and he said, "Girls like ponytails!"
-Brooks is obsessed with belts and the fact that Brandon was once a boy and he grew up. He said, "I gonna grow into a big boy like dad and wear belts and ride bulls."
-I tried to wake Brooks up and he said, "I want to sleep some morra!  Weave me alone!"
-I was kissing Knox goodnight and I said, "I love you" and then I said, "Wait do you love me?" and he said, "Yes, and daddy, Brooksy, Ava, Gigi, Kiki...." He is the sweetest little boy!
-Brooks always says, "My daddy says no girls allowed and that I get to chew gum..." ha B always gives them gum which infuriates me!
-Brooks told us one day, "My Gigi says you can't spank me!"
-Brooks said, "He's my boy." and pointed to Knox.  Love those boys!
-We were at the pool and one of Ava's little friends said, "Look! They are jumping off the board" and Ava said, "That's just my brother" She was like, who cares about him! ha
-We were at the grape festival and Brooks was riding a motorcycle ride so I blew him a kiss and mouthed "I love you" and he gave me a thumbs up.  I guess he is too cool now to blow me a kiss back!
-Ava was painting pottery and said said, "Gigi is going to love this!" (She was painting a pink pig"
-Brandon told Brooks his hair was gorgeous and he said, "No, it's magical!"
-Brandon calls Knox Chico because he is so tan this summer and Brooks said, "And I'm Cheeto!"
-Brandon took the boys to work with him one day and when they got home Brooks looked at him and said, "Thank you for taking me to work with you dad"  I love this sweet boy!
- I asked Brooks who he liked better.  Me or Brandon and he said, "Daddy, he has a tractor" (B doesn't have a tractor...)
-Knox got in big time trouble and Brooks said, "Stop!  That's my brother!" He went in stood in time out and said, "I'll take time out for Knoxie!"  Brooks is such an angel baby!
-The kids always say, "Daddy goes to work to make moneys" They also say, "Cereals" Everything is plural.
-Brooks was naming all of our hair colors and got to Brandon and he said, "White!" ha
-I was taking a bath and the kids walked in the bathroom and Ava immediately opened her mouth to show me her gum (that she was not suppose to have).   Knox said, "Ava you not pose to tell her!" Ha
-Ava is already a damsel in distress!  She was playing with Brooks and she said, "Help Help!  Save me Spider Man!" ha
-Ava said to Knox, "I'm Miss Lissa (that his speech therapist), let's practice your words!"
-The boys were both really sick and Ava was so jealous she wasn't sick too!  She kept thinking of reasons she needed to go to the doctor.  She fell outside and told B she broke her leg and that she needed to go to the doctor.  He of course told her she was fine and then she came in the house and told me, "I hurt my leg.  Daddy said to take me to the doctor."
-Brooks said, "Next time I see a deer I'm going to go get my gun and shoot it!" (We saw a deer in our neighborhood)
-I told Brooks, "I love you" and he said, "I love my dad" and I said, "Hey!  What about me?" and he said, "You have Ava!" Then sweet angel baby Knox said, "Mom, I love you!"

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