Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Oh, just a little glimpse into my life these days!  This is the handy work of Ava and Knox one afternoon when they were supposed to be napping! They literally took out every single thing in my drawers!  Oh these kids!  Some days are harder than others!

The day after the kids birthday party we went to Tulsa with Gigi and all of our friends to see Sesame Street Live! 

These cuties had so much fun! 

How cute are these little guys?  They were so excited and put on a little performance for us during lunch! 

My three little Elmo's! 

My two boys and sassy little girl!

Gigi and A!

The whole crew!

Cotton Candy time!

Their eyes were glued to the stage!

These two had another little adventure during nap time!  They got in my makeup bag and made the biggest mess ever.  It was hard to get mad at them because they looked so silly! 

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