Thursday, February 19, 2015

School Thanksgiving!

Umm how cute is their Thanksgiving table?!  Their teachers go above and beyond! 

Cute turkey #1

Cute turkey #2 Turkey #3 wasn't in the mood for pics!

My social butterfly loves his friends so much!  And we love him! 

No surprise there!  I love how he used green.  That's his favorite color because the hulk is green! 

I'm pretty sure Ava was trying to say Layla, as in our dog... ha But maybe she is thankful for yellow too!

Knox and Mr Henry.  This is one of the boys buff's at school!  Brooks talks about Mr Henry non stop!  And no one knows why Brooks calls him Mister.  He is the only one that does it! ha

Time to feast!
Are they not the cutest?!

My family!

After lunch we went to the liquor store to do some work.  They love "working".  And raiding the snack shelf!

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