Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crystal Bridges, Poop and Princesses

We love preschool playdates at Crystal Bridges!

Gigi came with us!

Playing in the sand!

They worked really hard building wilderness scenes in the clay! 
Brooks was so proud of the "Deer Camp" he made!  He even added a bear since his daddy's deer camp has bears on it!

Time to make puppets!

Our morning started out great but then the day quickly went downhill!  After Crystal Bridges we stopped at Target so I could pick up a few things.  I try not to take the kids with me when I shop but Targets not bad because I can get them popcorn and an Icee and they are happy!  And they have shopping carts that hold three kids!  So.. We got to Target, I got them their snack and I start shopping.  After about ten minutes Knox hold up his poop covered hand and says, "Look mom!  Poop!" I knew it wasn't his because he had just gone to the bathroom.  So I start gagging and freaking out.  Apparently a child had pooped in the shopping cart and I'm assuming the mom just grabbed the kid and walked out of the store without telling anyone!  Who does that?! Knox was covered!  His shirt, his pants, his hands!  So gross... I took off all of his clothes and grabbed a container of antibacterial wipes off of the shelf and started scrubbing him!  I had to buy him a sweater off the shelf so he wouldn't freeze on the way home!  I scrubbed him from head to toe as soon as we got home and then I bleached everything.  That was definitely the grossest thing that has ever happened to me.  The scary thing is when I told the Target workers what happened they acted like it was no big deal like it happens all of the time!  Yuck Yuck!  The moral of this story is always check shopping carts before you put your kids in them! ha 

This little cowboy had so much fun booing our neighbors!  He thought it was so fun to ring their doorbell and run away!

Not sure how this picture made it in this post but it is pretty cute!
Partying with Elsa and Anna to celebrate Alex and Ellioson's birthdays!  These princesses are everywhere these days!

The princess feeding baby Sawyer!  She loves to play mommy!

Ava's go to outfit for the month of October.  Cowgirl Mommy

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