Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ava and Estee took a princess painting class!

Working on her masterpiece!

There was some serious concentrating going on!

There were even real princesses there that sang songs and did little skits!

This was a castle with a princess in front of it... Can't you tell?

Group pic!

A little game of pin the crown on the princess!

The girls were just starving after their class.  I guess painting really works up an appetite so we went out for dinner to Estee's favorite place!  Outback!  They thought it would be a great idea if we split this dessert!  It was pretty good!  A was in heaven of course hanging out with her bff.

Ava told Santa she really needed some red high heels like Fancy Nancy has in her books.  So Sarah Boyce brought some over.  Ava felt 16 in this pic!

She disappeared and came back wearing a red summer dress... I guess she thought she need to coordinate her shoes and her clothes. ha 

Caroline and I hosted book club together and we did a soup and salad theme!  This was our salad bar! 

Our yummy desserts!

After school yogurt!

The graffiti artist gave herself away!

What do you do when it's freezing outside and your super bored?  Build a fort of course!  

The kids had their first talent show at their school.  We knew about it for weeks and we probably should have used that time to practice but we decided to wing it instead! Ava was insistent that she sing Let it Go, along with every other girl in the talent show.. ha So Ava and Baby Moses got on stage and sang Let it Go!  We were so proud of our girl!  Sometimes Ava can be shy but she showed no fear and did a great job! 

Brooks told me all along he was going to sing the Spiderman song.  I had no idea what this song was.. I just thought he was going to make up his own song.  The morning of the talent show he flipped out because I didn't have his song ready and said he wasn't going to do it.  Thank goodness for the patient teachers at his school.  His teacher sat down with him and searched for every spiderman song on iTunes until they found the one he wanted.  He wanted the 1960's spiderman theme song.  Who knew?!  She downloaded it for him and he did such a good job.  I was so proud of this boy! He knew every word!

Knox decided he was going to throw baseballs for his talent!  He was so good and we were so proud of him! 

Spiderman and the other two went out to eat with Gigi after the big performances to celebrate! We were so proud of them all! 

Holiday baking in our Christmas pjs!

We are hard core fans!  Rain, shine, sleet or snow we are tailgating!  

My little eskimo!

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