Monday, February 9, 2015

Fall Weekend

We love the pumpkin patch!  We met Bennett and his mommy there one afternoon and had so much fun! 

I think Brooks has had a crush on this little girl since he met her two years ago!  She is always running the goat food table!  Maybe he was trying to sweet talk her into giving him some free food! ha 

My pumpkin princess!

Time to ride the ponies!

Kiki came too!  She gave everyone roping lessons! ha 

They were naturals! 

Bethany and I were deer widows so we got the kids together for pizza, movies and a pretend slumber party!  They stayed in these sleeping bags for about five minutes and then they were all over the house! 

We all walked in the buddy walk to raise money for Down Syndrome. We saw lots of our buddies there and lots of super heroes too! 

Batman and Robin!

Love these three!


I kind of thought Brooks was going to have a heart attack when he saw Spiderman! ha 

Emory came over to play and we painted pumpkins!  So fun!

A little ring around the rosie after church one Sunday!

My babies are 3.5!  I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

We love a good excuse to celebrate! 

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