Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Birthdays and Halloween Festivities

We had so much fun celebrating Ella's birthday at the park!  It was such a cute party and the kids had a great time running around! 

Cake time!

A was in heaven.  There were fruit loops at the party. She thought she only got those on vacation! ha 

Wonder Woman saving the day at our neighborhood Halloween Parade! I love this picture and love this girl!

I'm not quite sure how A can top this costume next year! 

Costume day at dance class! Lots of princesses and a ninja and Wonder Woman!

Ava was obsessed with her costume!  Any time she got to wear it she was excited! 

They got to wear their costumes to speech and trick or treat!  They had so much fun!  Brooks got to participate too!  He was so excited!

Halloween pajama party at school! 

I was in charge of their class party and it was so much fun getting to watch them hang out with their little friends! 

Snack time!

Just catching up on some reading in the garden!

My crafty girl making a ghost!

We love Halloween for the candy and because we get to celebrate Kiki's birthday!  Happy Birthday Kiki!  We love you! She had lots of help blowing out her candles this year!

Apparently this was a popular costume this year! 

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