Tuesday, July 21, 2015

April Fun!

Baseball with friends! 

My almost four year old!

My redneck girl taking one last spin on the four-wheeler before B sold it! 

The kids decided they wanted to build a bird house.  The boys abandoned the project after five minutes but Ava stayed outside with Brandon until after nine at night helping him!  She took her job very seriously!  B let her pick the color of the birdhouse since she was the only one that helped!  So now we have a pink birdhouse in our backyard.  It has a little blue and green on it too... 

I found Ava's American Girl Catalog and she had circled almost every single thing.  Her birthday list is out of control! ha 

If the shoe fits... This girl is such a mess... She wanted her shoes on so she made Brooks do it so she could continue eating her lunch.  Spoiled Rotten! 

This poor guy was so sick.  He had 105 fever several days in a row.  I think we went to the doctor every single day for a week!  Finally after a chest X-ray they figured out he had pneumonia and he got the right medicine and he got better!  Thank goodness!  It was a rough week at our house!

Chocolate milk bottles usually make everything better! 

When Knox was sick Bethany was nice enough to take Ava to gymnastics for me and then let her go to her house to play.  She was in heaven!  She never gets her friends Porter and Hudson to herself! She couldn't wait to come home and rub it into the boys! 

Love celebrating these girls!  Such a fun night at Sassafras winery! I can't wait to go back! 

These kids took their lemonade stand to the next level.  You could get a cup of lemonade and a tattoo at the same time!  Great marketing!  My kids loved it! 

Boingo Bounce fun with friends!

Cinderella going for a ride in Daddy's new four-wheeler thing!

You want to be our neighbor!  My kids will deliver beer to your front door.  I looked up one day and Knox was taking Mr Josh a beer.  

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