Wednesday, July 29, 2015


"Mom, take my picture"  She was a super reading super hero! 

I found this empty peanut butter jar in the playroom.  I'm pretty sure it was full the day before.  Yikes!  I hope all three of them helped eat it and not just Knox! 

The Sass!

Testing out the stroller to make sure two of them could fit in it for Silver Dollar City! 

The First School Talent Show.  Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.  It's always a little bit stressful because they refuse to practice anything before the show.  It's always a game time decision! This year they would not decide so at the last minute I brought their bikes so they could ride those as their talent... 
This was the group performance to start the show off!  They did a song and dance and it was really cute! 

Ava was up first and she was so excited to ride her new bike around.  

She just kept circling!  I had to pull her off the stage! 

Knox was not happy about riding his bike.  I think he wanted his big bike and I just brought the balance bike... Mom Fail! 

Brooks rode his bike too but for some reason I don't have a picture!  The kids decided they wanted to dance too.  Their teach downloaded the Kidz Bop version of Uptown Funk for them and they got on stage and performed.  

It was the seriously so cute.  Ava and Knox just kind of hopped around but Brooks broke it down.  He took his dance moves so seriously.  He kept a straight face but danced his little heart out!  I love that kid!  I wish I could post the video! 

Easter morning egg hunt.  I think Brooks was still trying to wake up! 

My four year olds the morning of their birthday!  Brooks was not a happy camper.  I put a candle in his donut and he thought that was his birthday cake!  He said, "I told you I wanted a Spider-Man cake!" ha 

I still can't believe these babies are four!  I swear I had them last week! 

Make a Wish! 

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