Monday, July 27, 2015

Kid Quotes...

A-I made a big deal about Ava buckling herself in her carseat and she said, "Stop mom!  You are embarrassing me and annoying me!"
K-Several months ago Knox quit sucking his thumb on his own and when I asked him why he said, "My dad's friend said it would fall off." So he recently started sucking it again and he said, "Gigi, said it not fall off." I said something to him about big kids not sucking their thumbs and he said, "Please stop talking to me"
A-We were going to a charity function and B and I were dressed up.  Ava said, "Are you getting married tonight?"
B-The boys and I picked Ava up from speech and Brooks said, "So Ava, How was your day?"
A-Ava told her speech therapist that Knox had a tick on his winkie.  That happened about three years ago...
B-We were going to a birthday party and I forgot Brooks's Shoes.  He said, "Well this is a disaster!"
B-"I need to go to a wedding and do my exercises and dance."
A-Every morning we wake up and Ava is already awake sitting on the couch in our room reading her bible.  One morning B said, "I think you have given birth to Ronnie Floyd"
B-"I'm not crying Ava I'm trying to suck it up!  Okay, I sucked it up"
B-"This is the most awesomest city I have ever seen!  I just love our planet!"
B-I've got a splint in my finger"  He meant splinter..
B-"This place is awesome"  We were at Walgreens.."
B-"Mom, I need help getting my Captain America Spiderman costume on.  I want to show Estee and Presley so they will see how cool I am!"
A-I pulled up to the post office and A said, "Yeah, I've seen this place on instagram"
B-Me-"Brooks, buckle your car seat or the police will give me a ticket!" B-I'll punch the police man in the face"
K-"That baby's turning big!" He was talking to Everly.
K-Knox was made at Brandon and he said, "You aren't going to get any presents from Santa Claus!"
B-"Mom, you look fashion!" Maybe he meant fashionable?
K-"Shit!  Are you kidding me?"
K-"My dads at work making coins"
B-" I can't get emotional!"
B-"Stop interrupting me! That should be illegal!"
A, B, K-They all say, "Stop interrupting my talk!"
B-"Sorry mom, I have the baddest cough I ever saw!"
B-"I'm so proud of you Knox! You are so brave!" Knox went down the slide at the pool a million times and the pool wasn't heated!  It was freezing!
A-"I need a little help here!"
B-"Will you open this yogurt for me after you put on your booby strap?"  He meant bra!
K-"That man didn't brush his teeth and the falled out!" He was talking about Michael Strahan and his gap!ha
A-"See you soon! Bye"  As she was getting off the phone with Gigi!
A-"Don't make me call daddy"  Threatening her brothers! ha
B-"Can you help me get my phone under control?"
B-"Umm, what is that?  A cigarette?" He saw B's package of school..
B-When he gets mad at us he says, "You aren't my family anymore!"
B-"Ugh, Ava is mad at me because I'm not in love with her I'm just in love with Madeline.  She is my girlfriend and Ava is just my sister."
5-25-15-Knox swam all by himself with no floaties.
K-Talking to himself... "I'm going to ask Gigi if I can spend the night.  I wonder what she will say?  I guess she will say, Yes, No, or maybe No thank you."
B-I turned on Dickson street and Brooks said, "I love this place.  I have been coming here for years!"
A-"Mom I'm busy!  I'm sending a text!"
B-"I'm going to be the worlds greatest champion of the world!"
K-"My winky is so long.  Me-Why is it long K-"It just grew mom.  It's magic!"
B-Me-You can't watch that.  It's too violent.  B-"Mom, we love violent!"
B-"Can I get out mom?  I'm really tired and I'm about to blow!"
A-I was trying to practice speech with Ava and she said, "Mom, I can't practice anymore!  I'm just four years old!"
K-"Mom, I love hot dip and I love you so much!" Hot dip is what he calls Salsa and he does love it!
A-I was telling Ava to shake her head and her hips a little more at her dance recital and she said, "Brooks said if I shake too much my head my fall off.."
B-"Mom, you're driving good but I think you need to turn."
A-I'm going to put my trophy in my room so when my friends come over they will say, Ava, where did you get that trophy and I will say, Oh I was the winner at dance!"
A-"You just don't understand me and it's all your fault you won't give me icecream! 
B-"I don't know whats wrong with me!  My hands keep hitting people and my mouth keeps biting!  It's all my fault!"
A-"I need a Bud Light"
B-We were crossing the bridge to get to the beach and there was water on either side of us and Brooks said, "I see the world!" Brandon said, "Alright Christopher Columbus!"
A-Someone said, "Ava how did you get so tan?" "Gigi made me black"
A-"Knox, hold my hand... We are so cute!"
A-"My mom is crazy.  She takes pictures all of the time!"
K-He was talking to Ava and he said, "Let's hold hands and talk."
B-There was a bad storm when we were at the beach and Brooks said, "Dad, what the hell was that?"
A-"That lady in the phone isn't talking and we don't know where to go!" She was talking about the navigation system!
K-He was brushing his hair and looking in the mirror and he said, "Mom, do I look handsome?"
A-Mom, I'm wearing lots of necklaces like movie stars.  People are going to see me and say, Hey girl!  You look good!"
A-Me-Ava, have you brushed your teeth today?  A-Yes Me-No you haven't go brush them now!  A-Awe man! 
B-We were at a super hero tea party and a boy pointed at Brooks and said, "He is the real spiderman!"  I think that made Brooks' year! 

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