Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Easter at the Chi O House

The Saturday before Easter we went to the Chi O house for an Easter egg hunt!  Such a cute idea! Allison did a great job organizing! It was the perfect way to kick off Easter weekend! 

Ava on the hunt!

Comparing baskets with Hudson! ha 

Creepiest Bunny I've ever seen!ha 

Love them!

Some of my favorite girls with our girls!

Ava and her bestie Madeline!

Big Sis and Little Sis!

Ava hanging out on my old bed!  I can't believe the house is going to be completely torn down after this year!  I'm so excited about seeing the new house!

Hopefully the first and last time Brooks and Noah will be wrestling in the Chi O house! 

Our old room! Lauren and I had so much fun living together!  It's crazy to think our girls could be in the house together one day too! 

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