Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Babies are 4!

And just like that my babies are four.  
She woke up on the couch in her room a big four year old!  She sleeps on the couch because she says all teenagers sleep on couches.  We still have no clue where she got that from! 

I brought birthday cookies to the kids school to celebrate!  They got special stickers and birthday crowns!  They were so excited about their big day! 

Happy birthday to you! 

After school we met our friends at Chuck E Cheese to celebrate again! 

Love these cuties!

He snuck lots of bites! ha 

Bob even stopped by to play some games!

And buy popsicles!  They always hit up the grandparents for snacks! ha 

Competitive faces! 

So cute! 
The kids had a great birthday celebrating with their buddies! 

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