Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Our daddy shot two turkeys this spring!  He was so excited and the kids were too! He claimed it was delicious but I will just have to take his word for it!  I couldn't try it after I saw the actual bird! 

Skate party!  This guy is a skating machine!  He loves it!  Knox won't even try.  Knox doesn't like to do things unless he knows he is going to be good at it and skating is not his thing! ha 

The party even had a photo booth and the kids loved it! 

Brace face! 

Mr Mustachio!

We went to Nini's one afternoon and Ava picked a snake up on Nini's patio! I think she picked it up because the boys wouldn't touch it so she wanted to show them how brave she was! ha 

Too cool for Sunday School! ha 

There are my sweet babies!

They have had so much fun playing with their birthday gifts!  They love their four-wheelers from Gigi! 

The neon sidewalk chalk paint was a hit too! 

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