Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kid Quotes...

A- Ava saw me wrapping gifts and said, "Wait.. Who is that for?  You aren't Santa!  Who made those gifts for me?"
K-Someting is messed up when your kids is crying because he wants a smoothie and his dad is trying to give him donuts! ha
K-I told Knox we were going to church to sing Christmas Carols and that we would light candles and he said, "Will we sing Jingle Bell Rock?"
A-"Mom, I need to tell you sumpin.. Santa drinks beer."
A-Ava got a phone for Christmas so she can face time people and she calls Brandon a million times a day while he is at work.  One day he was trying to hang up and she said, "No, I just want to watch you work.  I want to see you make moneys."
B-"What's up with the clouds blocking the sun?  What is up with that?"
B-We were driving and Knox said, "What's that smell?" and Brooks said, "Probably just a raccoon."
B-He was throwing a fit and he was trying to calm himself down so he said, "Just shake it off.  Calm down and shake it off.."
B-He told me, "You are ruining my life"  That boy is a little dramatic if you can't tell. ha
B-" I don't want a healthy snack!  I want a junk snack!"
A-Talking to Lauren, "Well with Baby Moses I give her a bottle and that puts her to sleep."
B- "I want 42 donuts in a bag from Sonic"
A-"I've got to take my baby to church." Me-" We left her at Gigi's house A-"Oh crap!  We have to go get her!"
K- "I think I'm going to grow a beard like my dad."
A-My mom asked her, "Why can't Kiki be your Valentine?" A-"Umm I'm busy right now and can't talk." 
B-Me-"I like your helmet" B-"Yeah, it's adorable."
A-Lately Ava has been calling the boys, "Those crazy boys!"
A-"Does Santa come down our Chimney?" Me-Yes A-"We have glass in front of our fireplace.  How does that work?"
B-" I like to talk with honkey tonkeys"  He meant Walkie Talkies
B-He calls Ninja Turtles "Injun Turtles
A-"Mom, I'm a momma too.  I love beer.  Share your beer with me!"  I was drinking a diet coke...
A-We were at the Doctor and she told her, "My baby Moses is sick too.  She swallowed a lot of germs."
A-"Mom! I don't love you anymore.  I just love daddy and Gigi!" B-"Yeah, lets fight mom!" A-"Yeah Brooks!  Let's do it!"  B-"Well, we are stuck in these stupid car seats!"
K-Any time Knox gets hurt he says, "That just tickled! I'm okay!"
A-"So mom, how your day was?"
A-She was pretending to call baby Sawyer on her phone. "Hey, where are you Sawyer?  What's Lulah doing?"
B-Talking to Knox.. "If you don't stop right now you aren't coming to my birthday party."
B-"Mom, I found this picture of you and my dad.  Well, I hope that's my dad.."
B-"Mom, Ava made a mess with the water smoke house."  He was talking about the Humidifier
B-"Knox, we are dudes and we are best friends okay?"
A-Knox hit Ava in the cheek with a Nerf bullet and I made him say he was sorry and Ava said, "Mom, sorry not make my cheek feel better!"
B-I said, "We are almost home." and Brooks said, "Thank the lord, and thank spiderman, and thank my friends..."
K-At Brandon's grandfathers funeral Knox walked around and hustled everyone for coins.  His pockets were full!
B-Brooks made a fort and was showing the other two.  He said, "Behold the tip of America!  This is the entrance!"
A-Knox was crying and I said, "What am I going to do with him?!" and Ava looked at me and said, "You know what to do!"
K-Brooks was screaming for Scoobie Snacks and he said, "Let's fight mom for Scoobie Snacks and Knox said, "But we can't open them.."  
A- I said, "Ava, you are so tan!" She said, "Yeah, the sun loves me!"

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