Friday, July 24, 2015

More Birthday Fun

After Chuck E Cheese we went to Gigi's house to open presents and have their birthday dinner! 

He got his robot!  That's all he wanted for his birthday! 

The kids had even more presents at our house! 

Someone liked their new clip on earrings and kitty surprise!  Her kitty had four kittens inside! ha 
This was the best we could do for her birthday.  She said what she really wanted was a puppy and a baby sister... Maybe next year A! ha 

Happy Birthday to you! 

Now where do I put all of their new toys... 

The next day the kids had their 4 year check ups!  They all passed with flying colors!  They had to get four shots so that was a little rough! 

Ava during her vision screening.  
Height-39 3/4 inches 40th percentile
Weight-32.4 pounds 25th percentile
BMI-14.7 25th percentile
Blood Pressure-91/53

All smiles! 
Height-40.5 inches 60th percentile
Weight- 33.6 pounds 27th percentile
BMI-14.3 10th percentile

I think this one knew the shots were coming... ha 
Height-41 inches 67th Percentile
Weight-32.6 10th Percentile
BMI-13.5 1st Percentile
Blood Pressure-104/71
Skinny, kind of tall, healthy babies! 

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