Monday, July 20, 2015

Easter Sunday

Sunday we woke up and hunted our eggs and then went to church.  
Our official Easter 2015 picture!  

After church we drove to Stacey and Alex's to have lunch with the family.  The kids had so much fun playing! 

Wild Women!

This was our attempt at a group pic.  How funny is this?  We took a hundred pictures of the kids and not one of them turned out! Of course....

Back home we go! 

All he wanted for Easter was a chocolate bunny and the big bunny delivered!  He was so excited! 

Her sweet brothers let her borrow their blazer because she was cold! 

That night we went to Bethany and Adams for dinner.  It was so yummy and the kids had a blast! 

It's always an adventure when I have to take them all to Wal-Mart with me.. I wouldn't buy her frozen sunscreen so she walked off and pouted like this for a good fifteen minutes.  The drama at our house is through the roof! 

Another example of drama... Ava kept running the ranger into bushes and it was stressing Knox out so he put his head in his hands... She is a bad driver but still...

Walks around the neighborhood are their favorite thing to do.  Someone always wants to ride their bike and then they end of up in the back of the jeep.  Happens every time! ha 

Crazy spring storm!  The kids thought it was snowing!

We go to Gigi's every Sunday for dinner and now that it's nice out we usually walk or ride our bikes! 

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