Thursday, January 31, 2013

Funny Kids

A few funny things the kids have done lately:

-Lately I've been holding the kids hands as they walk down the stairs so they can practice going down on their own.  Ava is not a fan of this!  The princess prefers to be held!  She bangs her head on the stair rail and pretends to be hurt and gives a fake cry so I will hold her!  Little A that doesn't work with mommy! I'm on to your tricks!

-Brooks was standing on the back of the couch turning the lights off and on.  I stood up to get him down and he said, "No! Go away!"  

-Knox slapped Ava on the back and then said, "Oh Sissy!" and kissed her on the back where he had slapped her!  

-Brooks was crying the other day and I looked over and Knox and Ava had both walked up to him and were patting him on the head!  Little sweeties! 

-Nothing is cuter than when I ask Knox where someone or something is and he shrugs his little shoulders and says. "I don't know?"   

-Brooks held up a toy the other days and said, "What's this?"  They are turning into such little people!

-Knox is obsessed with throwing things away in the trash.   He likes to blow his nose and throw away the baby wipe.

-They have all become very vocal about when they use the bathroom.  They usually wait and tell me when it is happening though! 

-I can finally say, "Knox, hand me a ____" and he will do it!  The other two understand what I'm saying I think they just like to ignore me! ha Knox likes to help me get everyone dressed too.  I can say please hand me Brooks's socks and he will get them for me!  He is already mommy's little helper!

-This morning I was asleep in bed and I woke up to Knox trying to put my glasses on my face!  He knows that's the first thing I do when I wake up so he got them off of the nightstand for me! 

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