Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve the Currys and the Nuckols came over for dinner.  Ava and Knox did a little hunting before everyone arrived.  This is Knoxie's mean face.  Pretty scary huh?

Photo shoot with Gigi! 

Kiki and Knox

Ava was ready for a tea party! 

Happy Brooks, Frustrated Knox, and silly Ava!

The girls!

A framer! ha 

A was so excited when Sawyer came over! 

Guess who stopped by our house?!

Santa Claus!  

He brought gifts too! 

New baseball gloves and balls!  Just like Benny the Jet on Sandlot!

A got the pink, cute doll she has been asking for! 

Beautiful Vivi! 

Sweet Sawyer!  Such a happy baby! 

Santa and the girls!

Merry Christmas from the Elliotts and Santa!

They will not take these gloves off.  I might have to build a baseball diamond in our yard this spring. 

Ava was very upset she didn't get a baseball glove.  She kept walking around asking where her glove was.  She just threw her pink doll aside (the pink doll she told me she wanted Santa to bring her for months!)!  Thank goodness Santa found a pink glove at the bottom of his sack (really buried under a ton of things in the closet) and gave it to her!  

She was so excited!  I don't think she has taken that glove off for a week!  The gloves were by far their favorite Christmas gift! 

Some of the cutest kids I know! 

The Nuckols minus Joseph! 

The Curry's 
We had so much fun celebrating the holidays with our friends! 

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