Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Number One!

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving the weekend before Thanksgiving!  It was the perfect laid back, fun, food filled day.  The weather got in the way a little bit and several family members weren't able to make it but lots of friends stopped by and we had fun! 

She was ready to PAAARTTTYYY!

She's too much! 

Time to eat!  

Love this boy! 

We keep Nick busy when he's around!  

Hey batter batter!

High fives and fist bumps! 

Not sure who they were looking for outside!  It's hilarious to me that Oliver is two months older than Brooks and Ava but over a foot taller! 

Pants are optional at our Thanksgiving feast! 

Umm, how excited was A that Vivi came over?! We love babies around here.  

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