Monday, January 6, 2014


So... Carol's famous now (At least to us)!  She has been doing extra work in LA!  We love watching for her on tv!   She got lots of screen time on How I met your mother! 

Chuck E Cheese is starting to be part of our Monday routine!  When it's too cold outside to play this is the next best thing! The kids love the games, the prizes, the pizza, and I love that they can run around and not escape.  Although, they have wondered in the kitchen a time or two... 

Brooks,  my little cowboy, cop, gangster, hunter... Really anything that involves a gun! ha 

No, she's not going anywhere.  This is just what she wears around the house.  She had to lower her glasses to tell me something important.  Probably something like, "Knock Knock in trouble.  Time out."  

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Caroline and I decorated Gigi's Christmas tree for her!  You are welcome Gigi! 

Sunday brunch with Gigi!  

Daddy took us on a little field trip one night.  He also got the kids dressed which is why they are missing pants, shoes, but remembered their hats.  We went to see the lights on Wyman road.  Basically a house in the middle of nowhere puts up a million lights and has every blow up character ever created.  The kids were in heaven.  

The pictures just don't do it justice!

There wasn't a huge crowd there but I'm sure the people we did see thought we were crazy! 

Thanks for the adventure B!

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