Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Eve!

After our busy morning at Bobs and naps we got ready for church!  I love kids in knee socks!  Can they still wear them when they are twelve?  Would that be weird?  

My cuties!

Brooks wasn't a happy guy but now I can't even remember why.  He was probably just sleepy! Knox, on the other hand, was ready to strike a pose!  

B had to work and Gigi had to get our Christmas Eve dinner ready so Carol was the lucky one chosen to help me take the babies to church!  This was the first time I have taken them all to big church since they have been christened I think!  I have to admit, I was a little nervous!  I brought snacks, drinks, candy, coloring books, books, anything I could think of that might entertain them!  They actually did so well!  Church was packed so there was a lot of background noise thank goodness! They did get a little loud crunching their candy canes but other than that they were perfect little angels!

I love this picture!  A, sang her little heart out!  It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! She loved the candlelight service!

After church we went back to our house for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas movies! 
It's not Christmas until a Christmas Story starts it's twenty four hour run on TBS!

The first picture we have maybe ever taken where we are all smiling!  A Christmas Miracle!

It was short lived! 

Gigi made us the best dinner!  Steaks, lobster mac and cheese and asparagus! Yum! After we stuffed ourselves it was time to feed Santa's reindeer with the food they made at school!  

We left Santa half a cookie too!  Ha It was the best I could do!  I'm not sure where the other half of it went but I have three guesses! I don't think Santa minded much! 

Time for bed so Santa could come! 

Night Night babies!  Santa's elves had a ton of work to do! 

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